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Hey, boo! Around The Saucy Mama Co. ‘hood, we believe that with practical tools, a positive squad and good habits (and very VERY strong coffee) even the busiest mom can hack the limited time she has to turn her passion project into a business.


Hey, girl! I’m Phyllis B.

I’m a SAH toddler mom, yoga pant collector and overuser of unicorn emojis. More importantly, I’m 100% OBSESSED with helping my fellow badass mamas get off the sidelines and chase their dreams.


Phyllis has been an AMAZING source of support as I've navigated the ups and downs of running my own business. She's a mentor, a sounding board, a friend, and the one person I can text with late night biz questions or mama rants."

— Jami Yaeger, Owner, AustinBorn


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get it, girl.