The Saucy Mama Co.


hello, lovely!

<--- that's me, Phyllis B. You can call me Mrs. Saucy ;) I'm here to unite + uplift mamas and I'm willing to bet that if you're here, you're a badass and you belong with our she-wolf pack. Not sure? Let me see if I can convince you below...

you know you're a Saucy Mama if:

YOU'RE READY to make JOY a part of your self-care

YOU BELIEVE parenting in the age of perfectionism is a real buzzkill

YOU FEEL motherhood could be a little less neurotic and a lot more of the F-word (FUN! but if you thought the other word, you're def our peeps)

YOU WANT to know other mamas like you: cool broads raising babies and doing their best

you're bold. brazen. and a little irreverent.