I became a mom on June 26, 2017. My daughter, Beatrice, was born and instantly changed my world in all the cliched ways you've come to expect. Time starting ramping up to warp-speed and I'd never been so in love before in my entire life. And even though it's hard as fuck sometimes I really, really love being a mother. But I do have one confession to make: I didn't read any parenting or baby books during my pregnancy. Let me tell you: that was the greatest gift I gave myself. 

I can hear the protests already: "but! but! if you didn't read any books, how did you know how long to let your baby sleep? or when to nurse her? or how to soothe her?" the list goes on and on. How would I know how to do anything when it came to my baby, if a professional didn't tell me how to do it? Here's the secret babe: I am the expert on my baby. And you know what that makes YOU? The expert on YOUR baby. It's kind of scary but also a really liberating idea, don't you think?

 We as women have, oftentimes unknowingly, been giving away so much of our power. Somewhere along the way we stopped listening to ourselves and instead looking to professionals or experts to tell us how best to raise our babies. And it's causing us A LOT of stress and anxiety. What does it say about us if our babies don't measure up to the outline someone else made? 

Take a deep breath. Put the books down. And watch your baby. Follow their lead and they'll teach you everything you need to know. I'm a firm believer the only piece of advice --my personal Mothering Mantra-- you really need is this:


Phyllis Brasenell