I hope I'm not alone in admitting I am THE WORST at asking for help. Like, you could ask not just my husband but literally any other person in my life (hell, I bet even the postman) and they'd tell you I'd sooner die than ask for help. 

This has, more often than not, been a detriment and it's something I had to work hard on (and very quickly) once I had a baby. I NEEDED help anywhere I could get it, especially in those first couple months. 

I find the #1 reason why people struggle with asking for help is that they don't want to be a burden. We assume everyone around is just too busy and we feel guilty potentially asking them to add something to their plate. But the thing is, I believe people genuinely want to help the people they love. But nobody's a mind reader so it's important to literally, "help me help you." 

The #1 way to ask for help is to be specific. Saying, "I could use a hand" doesn't cut it. No one else but you knows what can be delegated. So instead go for a specific task and if you can give a specific time frame, all the better! For example: "could you bring dinner over on Thursday sometime between 5 and 7pm?" Or, "The baby is up all night with teething pains and I'm exhausted. Could you take her out for a couple hours on Saturday so I can nap and shower in peace?" 

If you could delegate one task right now, what would it be? Start there and keep going!

Phyllis Brasenell