About The Saucy Mama Co.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

I want to pursue my side hustle BUT…

  • I’m already pulled in too many directions

  • I can’t possibly find the time to pursue my dream

  • I’m constantly distracted and scatterbrained

  • I feel disorganized and don’t know where to begin


If even just one of these tragic Debbie Downer statements has come out of your mouth before I am SO glad we found each other!

Listen, sister. Please believe me when I say: I am RIGHT THERE with you. Having my daughter rocked my world in the best way possible. I’m one of those absolute weirdos who genuinely loved the baby days (even the early newborn ones!) and was totally down with pouring every ounce of myself into my new role as Mama and caregiver. I became a 10000% better version of myself, thanks to my daughter.

But —you knew there was gonna be a ‘but’, didn’t you?— around her 1st birthday (omg ALL the feels) as she grew more independent I realized there was someone I’d kinda been neglecting: Yours Truly. Where was I in this picture? WHO was I?

I’d left paid work to raise my babe and had #noregrets. At the same time, I was ready to fill my cup again by pursuing my own interests and passions.

What about you? Are you with me? I want to help you kick the ass out of your excuses, get your shit together and get off the sidelines. Because it’s pretty badass that as mamas, we can model for our littles what’s possible with determination and a dream.

I got your back, boo. Heads-up: this work is not for the faint of heart but that’s okay. You got gumption and I know it.


Hi! It’s me, Phyllis B.

Founder and CSO (Chief Sauciness Officer)

Let’s do awesome stuff together.

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At The Saucy Mama Co., we believe 3 things:

1) Leopard print is a neutral (duh)
2) We are stronger together
3) Business can (and should) be used to make the world a better place

That's why we build charitable giving into each and every one of our events.
Organizations we've supported include: