About The Saucy Mama Co.



Phyllis Brasenell

Hey, mama! That's me in the picture (you probably already figured that) with my daughter, Beatrice.

I'll just cut to the chase and say I think motherhood is super rad. But I sometimes wonder where I fit in with the other mamas. I'm definitely not Pinterest-perfect or particularly Instagram-worthy (I'm THE WORST at selfies). I just wanna know where are the other mamas like me? Am I the only one who doesn't sport a perfect top-knot (I mean, my hair is way too short for that but you know what I mean) and actually feel okay not taking it all so seriously? 


...I created this sparkly rocket of fun for all us Saucy Mamas. To be a little irreverent and hell, maybe even LOL at ourselves once in a while (it is allowed, FYI). 

Wanna talk about motherhood, crazy yoga pants, my opinion on hoop earrings (spoiler alert: the bigger the better) or upcoming events? You can message me through the magic of this internet form or just email me directly at heygirlhey@saucymama.co




At The Saucy Mama Co., we believe 3 things:

1) Leopard print is a neutral (duh)
2) We are stronger together
3) Business can (and should) be used to make the world a better place

That's why we build charitable giving into each and every one of our events.
Organizations we've supported include: